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We Help Federal Agencies Meet Their Mission

For over a decade, NowSecure has helped agencies — including the DOJ, FBI, DOE, State Department, SOCOM, Platform One and others — to secure the mobile apps they build and use.

If your agency has previously used the DHS AppVet Program, we recommend continuing the service supplied by NowSecure.

By sticking with NowSecure’s mobile app vetting service, your organization can continue to benefit from automated integration with MDM services for supply chain risk management. NowSecure also integrates with the CI/CD toolchain providing less context switching, fewer logins, and automatically ticketed results.

NowSecure Platform helps agencies because it can:

  • Perform deep automated analysis of iOS and Android mobile app binaries
  • Continuously monitor the millions of mobile apps in Apple App Store™ and Google Play™
  • Provide NIAP v1.3 automated reporting
  • Complete 600+ standards-based security, privacy and compliance tests
  • Attack apps running on real devices to uncover actual issues that matter
  • Deliver accurate results with no false positives (we hate false positives).

So, if you’re a former AppVet user, we’re happy to offer promotional discounted pricing for individual reports, bulk reports and continuous monitoring.

Don’t be left exposed to mobile app risk. And don’t wait. Attackers won’t.

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