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The DHS AppVet Program is Ending... Continue your NowSecure Service!

Are Your Mobile Apps Secure?

NowSecure has been a supplier for the DHS Mobile AppVet program, which is ending 9/30/21. However, you can continue to use NowSecure directly.

NowSecure Platform delivers full mobile app vetting solution:

  • Performs deep automated analysis of iOS and Android mobile app binaries
  • Continuously monitors the millions of mobile apps in Apple App Store™ and Google Play™
  • Provides NIAP v1.3 automated reporting
  • Completes 600+ standards-based security, privacy and compliance tests
  • Attacks apps running on real devices to uncover actual issues that matter
  • Delivers accurate results with no false positives

NowSecure helps agencies meet their mission, supporting numerous federal agencies, including DOJ, FBI, DOE, State Department, SOCOM and Platform One… for more than a decade.

Don’t be left exposed to mobile app risk!
Act now before it’s too late. Promotional discounted pricing is available to all AppVet users and agencies for individual reports, bulk reports and continuous monitoring.

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