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Integrate NowSecure Mobile SBOM with GitHub Dependabot

As developers continue to build innovative mobile apps faster and the adoption of open source and third party libraries grows, understanding the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for mobile apps is more important than ever. NowSecure and GitHub have partnered to create a seamless integration that brings mobile app SBOM information​​ to developer workflows directly inside GitHub. You can find the NowSecure Mobile SBOM Action in the GitHub Actions Marketplace now!

What it does:

  • Generate an SBOM for your mobile app inside your GitHub Workflow
  • Populate GitHub Dependabot Graph with mobile details
  • Gain visibility into components, third-party libraries and frameworks
  • Ensure proper version, security, and privacy

What you get:

  • Improved mobile app dependency visibility inside GitHub Dependabot
  • Avoid release blockers related to insecure or unlicensed third party components
  • Automate more, deliver faster, and continuously improve

Sign up for free to get Early Access to the new NowSecure Action for Dependabot! Early access members will receive 3 free scans of your mobile app to populate the Dependabot Dependency Graph.

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