Drive more downloads with an Independent Security Review Badge for your Google Play Data Safety section

The ONLY ADA Authorized Lab offering free automated testing for one FULL year

Want to drive more Android downloads by showing users you safeguard their trust? Get your app validated against a global security standard for your required Google Play Data Safety declarations. Review checklist here.

As an App Defense Alliance (ADA) Authorized Lab, NowSecure is here to guide you through the ADA Mobile Application Security Assessment (MASA) validation and get the highly desired independent security review badge applied to your Android app! Learn more here.

NowSecure has multiple options to help you move fast:

  • Register for free “smoke test” review of one Android mobile app to see if any issues to address before submitting for validation
  • Be sure to provide your existing Google Play APK in the form for fastest results
  • Get an ADA MASA continuous validation program license to get validated FIRST and stay validated throughout the year

Your NowSecure Advantage:

  • NowSecure is the only mobile-first, mobile-only member of the App Defense Alliance (ADA) that can perform ADA MASA Validation
  • OWASP MASVS active contributor and OWASP God Mode sponsor - the basis of ADA MASA
  • Mobile-first, mobile-only with more than 12 years of experience in pen testing and compliance
  • Collaborative approach with your developers to ensure fast remediation of any issues for fast certification

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