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OWASP MASVS Benchmark Report

Analysis Reveals Significant Gaps in Mobile Appsec

Established by industry experts and practitioners across the global community, the OWASP Mobile App Security (MAS) Project with the OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) serves as the most recognized standard for mobile application security. OWASP MASVS sets a minimum bar for mobile app developers to follow when building apps securely and provides security teams with the ideal testing strategy as part of the organization’s proof of controls.

Alarmingly, NowSecure benchmark mobile application security testing analysis shows 95% of nearly 6,500 leading mobile apps fail at least one of the seven OWASP MASVS categories. These weaknesses put organizations at risk of data breaches and privacy exposures that can tarnish the brand, reduce revenue, damage customer trust, incur regulatory fines and invite lawsuits.

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The OWASP MASVS is organized into seven critical areas of the mobile attack surface. The NowSecure benchmark analysis reveals the areas of greatest failure rates are MASVS-NETWORK, MASVS-PLATFORM and MASVS-CODE. Read the report to explore each category in detail.

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