False Positives Suck—Stop the Noise

Use this method security analysts trust and DevOps leaders love.

Developers and security analysts despise false positives for the same reason — they’re noise. They get in the way of discovering and fixing issues that actually matter.

Web app vulnerability scanners are notorious for spitting back a plethora of false positives, requiring dynamic testing by security teams to manually verify by exploiting the findings.

Unfortunately, the reputation for web app vulnerability scanners has been passed onto mobile.

More enterprises are improving speed-to-market and increasing customer engagement via mobile apps. And while this proves to be great for the bottom line, mobile apps add yet another avenue for enterprises to be breached and customer loyalty to be destroyed.

Thanks to the adoption of DevOps across industries, mobile app releases are delivered more frequently than ever before. The list of apps to test and false positives to verify is ever growing.

Time is not on anyone's side.

So, how do you cut through the noise and eliminate false positives?

By automating and integrating dynamic testing into the software development life cycle.

At NowSecure, we are singularly focused on mobile application security and have been in the trenches with top security teams across the public and private sectors for a decade. Automating dynamic testing for mobile apps is no small feat, and securing DevOps for mobile apps is a multi-stage process.

We pulled together a phased approach that we’ve seen successfully used by organizations moving to secure DevOps, to ensure mobile apps are responsibly developed and secured at the speed the business demands.

Discover a phased approach to securing DevOps for mobile apps—get the guide and start eliminating false positives ASAP!

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