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Automated Mobile App Security Testing Software — 6 Months Free

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At this critical time when people are working, shopping, learning and interacting remotely, there is a heightened expectation for proper security and privacy practices.

For the last 10 years, we have been on mission to save the world from unsafe mobile apps. To help teams mobilize safely and swiftly, NowSecure is offering free licenses of NowSecure Platform to qualified organizations—6 months free—to automate mobile app security and privacy testing.

No source code necessary. Three (3) simple steps to get your reports:

  • Upload your iOS and Android pre-production binaries and/or download production apps from the Apple App Store™ and Google Play™
  • Run them through our automated analysis engine for static, dynamic and interactive testing
  • Get visibility into the security & privacy stance of your apps in under an hour.

Just fill out the form to request access to this program and a NowSecure team member will respond promptly!

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