Is Your Mobile App Secure?

Mobile App Penetration Tests Done Right

Whether you’re looking for cutting-edge pen testing tools, expert pen testing services or Mobile Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS), NowSecure can help you launch secure mobile apps faster than your competitors.


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Tap the world's most advanced mobile pen testing program to quickly and thoroughly test the security of your mobile application using NowSecure Mobile App Pen Testing Services, leveraging the expertise gained over more than a decade of conducting thousands of assessments, and get the most comprehensive results in the least amount of time.

Meet Compliance Requirements
NowSecure Pen Testing enables organizations to meet these standards requirements in a reliable, flexible and timely manner.

Confidence to Deliver More Secure Apps
NowSecure Pen Testing Services always start with an analysis of risk profiles in order to identify the level of security testing required for each mobile application. By testing against these risk profiles, you get the most timely and relevant results.

Collaborate to Repair and Verify Fixes
NowSecure experts consult with dev and security teams to speed resolution and then retest to verify that critical vulnerabilities found in the pen test were addressed.

Test for Complex Requirements
NowSecure experts go beyond surface level testing and for deep coverage, conducting manual analysis of data at rest, network communication, authentication and authorization, backend APIs and binary code quality, such as reverse engineering resiliency, cryptographic implementations and outdated/vulnerable third-party libraries.